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Digital Anchor SQL (Structured Query Language)

The standard user and application program interface to Digital Anchor database is the structured query language (SQL). SQL statements are used both for interactive queries for information from a relational database and for gathering data for reports. There is also an advanced version of direct interface to the database. This is implemented by the Twine Knot layer of functions, which directly communicates to the data through special functions in the Digital Anchor engine.

Digital Anchor SQL for Windows is a simple alternative to high-cost, more complex database technology. It is powerful, scalable, and reliable. It is the best choice for corporate IT departments, Web developers, and packaged software vendors.

Digital Anchor SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard interactive language for getting information from and updating the Digital Anchor database. Although Digital Anchor SQL is both an ANSI and ISO standard, Digital Anchor database products support SQL with proprietary extensions to the standard language. Queries take the form of a command language that lets you select, insert, update, join, and so forth. The extensions support Import and Export syntax similar to the Select statement.

Review the Developer's documentation for details. Download the Digital Anchor Manager, as it comes complete with the test directory for a considerable in-depth look at all aspects of the Digital Anchor suite.


Digital Stick SDK R1.46 Beta    NEW - 22.05.08
Digital Stick Primer v0.721 Beta
Digital Anchor SDK R2
Digital Stick SDK R1 Beta


Digital Stick has now been interfaced with Google Health, enabling a portable health solution

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