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Digital Anchor

Digital Anchor is a robust database engine with an abundance of power amounting to more than the average business or developer would ever need. It has been designed with the satisfaction of its users solely in mind thus preplanning for a developer's growing business and technology requirements.

This reliable database was developed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to create and access. In addition, Digital Anchor has the imperative feature of being able to easily extend, thereby assisting developers with their applications. Besides simplicity, the architecture allows for transparent application conversion and connectivity while alleviating the common concern of being locked into a proprietary system. Due to this, Digital Anchor outperforms the very few alternate products available to developers for the small- and medium-sized business. 


A compact yet powerful system that stores, searches, and sorts extensive information (databases) for access by applications and Web sites


Digital Stick SDK R1.46 Beta    NEW - 22.05.08
Digital Stick Primer v0.721 Beta
Digital Anchor SDK R2
Digital Stick SDK R1 Beta


Digital Stick has now been interfaced with Google Health, enabling a portable health solution

Digital Anchor used for new financial application
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