Digital Stick Launch Digital Stick Primer

1. Download:
Digital Stick Primer

2. Prime Device
Plug in your device and
run the DS Primer

3. Launch
Click dslaunch.exe
located on your (DS-R)
portable device

3. Add Applications
Download new Digital
Stick Apps

Advantages of Digital Stick

  • Portable
    • The user is able to access information immediately and configure solutions directly from the portable media.
    • Digital Stick has development capablities to work on any operating system, allowing one to move from system to system.


  • Secure
    • High-level security measures are in place, including hidden and encrypted data techniques.
    • Security features are customized to each application, thus ensuring that the right measures are in place for privacy and data integrity.


  • Versatile
    • Digital Stick is a self-contained database that does not utilize any system drive space.
    • This is a self-sufficient and independent environment for applications to run and store data.


Digital Stick SDK R1.46 Beta    NEW - 22.05.08
Digital Stick Primer v0.721 Beta
Digital Anchor SDK R2
Digital Stick SDK R1 Beta


Digital Stick has now been interfaced with Google Health, enabling a portable health solution

Digital Anchor used for new financial application
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